Pawn versus Queen – Efforts matter!!!

February 18, 2016

Human behavior is very complex and everyone has it’s different interpretation. I am trying to explain my interpretation and that might not suit your logic. Still that should be alright for a new thread of discussion.


Human life starts like an empty chess board and everyone is free to choose his/her character when he/she starts getting his/her senses. Choice are Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, King or Queen.

King/Queen remains the ultimate aim in life. That’s really tough to achieve in life so we most of the times end up being Pawns mostly. Mathematically also probability is higher of being a pawn. 🙂

Let me start with King who has very limited roles to play in life. This is Nirvana in life. Everyone wants to be a King in life. You have every chess-piece at your disposal. Everyone would be willing to help you move every move you make or they would be will to make even scarifies when you face any danger. Laziest chess-piece still the most valuable one. You are gone and game gets over. You are the reason for others to survive/fight/make moves.

Being a Pawn has it’s own advantage and short comings, no one expects you to do something extra ordinary in life. It allows you to being yourself most of the times. Not much expectations from anyone. Your moves are also limited and predictable. No one notices you until they want to open the chess board to make a killing. In case you end up killing some Kinght/Bishop/Rook/Queen, it’s considered a very big achievement still you remain a pawn and you might be still next for sacrifice. Since for many, you are just a pawn and you have overdone your purpose. 90% chances when you make a killing, you are next to be killed. Mostly none of the chess game opens up without you make first move on board, consider it as an advantage. At-least you are the chosen one. 🙂 Only issue is, you are remembered (In case you stay alive to see towards the closer of the game) when game is stuck and no other move is possible or other moves might result in a killing of better chess piece. Still pawn gets a life time opportunity once in his/her lifetime when he/she can become Other chess piece and mostly queen. That’s one rare defining moment in life and in fact Pawn is only chess piece who gets this transformation. Rest start with Knight/Bishop/Root/Queen as stay till they last. No one gets a chance to be transformed like a Pawn. No one thinks for a Pawn in a long term, no one plans for them in short no one cares till there are other ways available. But once a Pawn is about to reach for transformation, other rally around them to guard them. No one will be to scarifies the same less ordinary Pawn. That’s once in a lifetime redemption chance for a Pawn. That Pawn is cherished as a Queen then. By any chance if a Pawn:gets a chance to finish the game with check-mate and that’s considered most sweet win but not every Pawn gets to contribute such a way. 🙂

Knight is one free spirit life everyone wishes to enjoy at-least for sometime. One gets a chance to become a game changer. Multiple options are available at a time, mostly I related it with youth. Complete freedom in life, one has a high potential to check-mate game or make big killings. Always a trump chess-piece which good players loves to keep. At the same time, it’s very tricky for the player to use Knight wisely. Not every player would be able to understand the power of Knight. That sort of dilemma will  be always associated with Knight. Some players let go Knight for other chess-pieces since they don’t really understand how you may help them in winning the game. Only chess-piece which is allowed L shape moves is tough to control or capture.

Bishop is one chess-piece quality really annoying for opposition since it would strike at you when you are least bothered about it. It’s easier to handle who are straight then who can go diagonal. Limitation of a Bishop, is it’s biggest strength as well. It can go only diagonal and scope is limited and at the same time since it’s only 2nd chess -piece which can move diagonally for longer distance, its an asset. People love to keep such piece’s company since it has a potential to keep others in check. Once Bishop is fixed in a position, they tend to stay their longer with a vigil on. If someone can use a Bishop wisely, he has found a trust worthy friend who will not let you go into danger. Everyone behaves as a Bishop for their family and close friend.

Rook is one game changer who may decimate the opposition when on move. Tough to get moving though, since others have to make a way for him/her to move. We are all Rooks once at-least in life. We know the potential in us but still we don’t move till someone challenges the comfort zone. But once we come out of comfort zone, we are one of the most utilized resource. Rooks are very trust worthy as well since they go travel extra mile to help/save their masters/family.

Queen is one chess-piece which is the hardest to sacrifice. Player would be thinking all possible moves before he has to scarifies you.  Queen has the unlimited potential. Other then going L shape like a Knight, any move is possible for a Queen. In short Queen has something of everyone Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Rook. Unlimited potential and the highest responsibility. Everyone in family/friends will have the highest expectations from you. You are the their savior and the one who will make a killing for them. You will always have a great role in game if King has to remain last man standing. No one doubts your potential anytime. You may have self doubts at times, since you are the one who knows the chess board the most since you tend to travel a-lot in a game. You have to make many unwanted choices in life as well, whom to keep and whom to let go in your friends who are party to your fight. But since with great power comes great responsibility, you enjoy the power and responsibility.  There is a time when we all are Queen, when no one will question you. You can make any move in life and you are not answerable to any. Even a King needs your help, forget about a Pawn. Pawns will be always looking at you for their moves. Your moves decides the course of the game and your standing matters. The moment you decide to give up, whole team gets demotivated  and win starts looking very far. Then whole team would try finding a Pawn and make it a Queen. The importance of the Queen lies here, hardly any player would choose to convert Pawn into something else when given a chance. Obvious choice is always a Queen. Even a King is insecure without a Queen. You will always remain the first one to be called when someone is in distress. You will not be called in celebration still. Since you are always at work/move, your importance is when you decide the course of the game. No one will be appropriating when you helped someone still your selfless nature keep you moving. Queen is the strongest chess-piece which will bounce back from any situation at it’s own. It even doesn’t need a King. King is only required to keep the game alive for her. Queen is otherwise next to almighty on chess-board. Once you are Queen, you can’t take a breather since call of duty doesn’t let you relax. Most of the times, Queen doesn’t mind it but yes, every Queen should find a King who appreciates the efforts she is putting for him and others in winning the game.

Choices are easy, Find a King if you are a Queen who will appropriate your efforts for others and him. That would keep a Queen moving!!

If King is your choice, find a Queen who will go extra mile to help you stay in your box and in the game!!!


Politics for youth – only on Social Media?

February 17, 2016

I mean, seriously !!!!!

For last couple of years, youths are participating actively in politics on Social Media and forming camps. I still don’t see voting % going up significantly year on year. If just by looking at active comments from various camps on my FB timeline, I wish to count voting % as a rough sample, it should be minimum 80-90% voting from youth. Here, I am taking liberty that maximum friends in my friend-list on FB are youth.

In recent Hebbal assembly by-polls voting % was just 35%, and Hebbal assembly constituency will have Manyta Tech Park and it’s surrounding area in Bangalore. Roughly 1L youth work in MTP. Just for a curious case if out of 1L, even if some 50% stay close to office, they should form a significant chunk in voters.

Oh it’s a calculation mistake in fact, out of those 50K, I don’t think even 20% would be registered voters in Bangalore. Bangalore has many outsiders and they prefer to be called outsiders always since that suits them. They can easily ridicule Govt, BBMP, BDA and rest of the Bangalore organizations for lack of infrastructure, traffic and what not.  Moreover, I don’t see many of these even registered in their home state too. Even if they are registered there, they would never like to invest money on going to their home state for voting since it would be costly. Those who are registered, most of them are registered for one extra address proof. Election was on Sunday and who would like to step out and vote?

So when one doesn’t vote, how come he suddenly gets politically active on Social Media? Is it peer pressure or just a way to vent out his sentiments. There is no need to place your voter ID card number before you wish to fire a comment or start a political discussion on FB. The day, it becomes mandatory, I am sure we would see very less activity on FB again.

Way back, when I joined FB, I used to have very less activity on FB. Now FB is full of political and religious forwards or discussions.. This was never a reason to join FB. I mean, why do you need to have a political discussions on social media. I would talk about religious discussions some other day. Earlier political discussion were driven by news papers and you would find most active political discussions on tea stalls. For Bollywood gossips, hair saloon were the best place.

These days, you have too many versions for any topic, which is easy to confuse any common brain. Too many point of views for a single discussion. People float informations without verifying the source. They just find a forward from someone and send it across. Rumors spread like fire. No body even tries to verify the authenticity of the source of topic on which whole political discussion is based upon. In case, some rumor was wrong, how many times we have seen a clarification or apology if source came to know rumor he had floated was wrong. Even if source sends a clarification, how often does it reach to you? Chances are bleak.  You would still find people fighting on the same rumor for months on your time-line. Even when you are a bystanders or you know rumor is not correct, you wont like to be dragged in that discussion? My reasoning most of the times for such situations is, “Its not possible to make idiots understand”.

I know, I am wrong here. I should have pitched in there, if I had any credible information regarding the discussion. But one can only make someone who is ready to understand, understand. People get so engrossed in their belief that they don’t want to even hear other’s point of view. They would keep dragging the same logic for weeks. You wouldn’t like to loose your sleep and increase your blood pressure by getting into the arguments. Believe me, you would make more enemies then friends on social media if you even try this.

What’s the solution then?

According to me, go back to old ways folks. Start visiting libraries again. Believe me, many libraries are deserted and they don’t have even handful of visitors there. Start reading, news papers to start with. Read couple of news papers daily. If you have time, subscribe books, novels, biography or autobiography. Read them, read lots of history. Form your opinion when you have researched enough on any topic. Till then, keep listening/keep reading/just stay aware of your surroundings. I am sure, you wouldn’t love to be proved wrong when you grow old. Be ready to accept if you were wrong on any topic. Don’t try to force your opinion by strange logics. It wouldn’t work. Verify and then post any information on FB or Whatsapp!! Try not to share it with wider audience if you are not sure about the authenticity and make sure you retract, if you are proved wrong anytime.

At-least get yourself registered voter where ever you  are staying and vote in next election, doesn’t matter if its for MLA, MP or Local elections. Election results are still based on ballots!! Election commission is still not counting your opinions from social media!!

Don’t loose your sleep if you don’t agree with me. If you are reading this, then you have my mobile number and I am just a call away for a healthy discussion!!


College after 11 years!!!!!

February 15, 2016

One fine morning, I booked my tickets for Rajasthan from 27th Feb-9th March. Minutes after the payments, I received an email from my college for Alumni meet. Normally I choose to ignore these emails since dates were not suitable for any time in past. I still opened it and saw the date Feb 28th. With in seconds, I could see the flash back of my college life.

I was tempted to go to college for this Alumni meet, wanted to meet my lecturers and see the college again. Started messaging on What’sapp and called some if they will be able to make it. 2 confirmed Anish Birla and Amit Jhinga. I was relieved, decided to stay back for 1 day. Brother was reaching Jaipur Feb 26th and he was OK to wait for 1 day for me but not for 2 days. Parents called and wanted me to come home since there was some function at home. Still decided to stay 1 day extra in Jaipur.

Received a call from Jaipur number on 26th and other person checked if I am coming for Alumni meet and I said Yes. I felt good, this was the first time someone had called me from college in last 11 years.

Came 27th Feb and I boarded flight for Jaipur, no goose bumps nothing. Reached Jaipur, went to Mama’s place and slept nicely.

Woke up on 28th morning and left to fetch breakfast (Kachori, Samosa, Jalebi) like before. No need to mention to those who are residing in Bangalore, you miss it here. Mama had bought a new car so gave the key for test drive. I had informed him before, why I am staying 1 day extra in Jaipur this time. He stays near Sanganer Airport, he offered me car to go attend Alumni meet in college for the afternoon. But my worry was, I would have to go Sanganer -> Malviya Nagar -> Apex Circle -> Jagatpura Phatak -> College. Must have been some 15 kms easily. I had known only this route in 4 years of my college life. He told me, now there is a short cut and it would be less then 3 Kms for College. I didn’t trust him. He asked me to take that short cut route. I couldn’t see a single empty plot after by pass and I was in front of college in less then 5 minutes. College has 2 gates now, so we landed on new gate, it had no resemblance with old gate, I had seen for 4 years. Decided to drive little more and reached to old gate. Since it was still 10:30AM in the morning, I came back home.

Started for college at 12:55PM for Alumni meet and then started the goose bumps. I was blank, as if this was my first day in college. I was worried, if someone will know me there. This time it took 15 mins to reach college. Was observing the area, lots of houses, hostels, shop, restaurants. On day 1 of college, I had to walk from Jagatpura Phatak for college since I missed only bus college had provided that day. It was a long walk since there were only few farm houses. This time, it was difficult to spot an empty plot all the way. Reached near college and found SBI ATM and PNB ATM near college. If I am not wrong, nearest ATM in my college days was at APEX circle. Came the main gate and I was very nervous. I felt, I am on some alien land and no one knows me. One car was entering into the college and could see, Ramesh Pacher Sir in the car. Some tension reduced, followed him inside the gate. Gate keepers didn’t stop me there. I asked them, where can I park. They asked me to keep driving and follow the other car. Left hand side, CMC (Chauth Mal Chaudhary Sir) were standing, some more tension reduced.  If you guys remember, there was a building getting constructed in our  4th year of college, Mechanical Block. I crossed that too and then I parked my car.

I came out and went to meet Ramesh Pacher Sir, I could only say, “Nameste Sir” and he recognized me and was happy to see someone from first batch. He asked me, where am I headed. Informed him, I saw some registration help desk for Alumni meet at main entrance and wanted to get myself registered there. He asked me to follow him and introduced me to some lecturer and said, he is Swapnil from 1st batch and is here to attend Alumni meet. I felt even better. Atleast he remembers the name. I registered myself there and then registration desk asked me to sit in Auditorium. They had kept India v/s UAE match live on big screen. I am a big fan of cricket still cricket was not on my mind that day. Decided to stay and call friends who were in Jaipur, everyone said, they would come but no one turned up later on. Everyone had the same complaint, they were not informed from college.

Called Malik (Aneesh Birla) and he said, he would join in an hour. Called Amit Jhinga and he said, he thought no one would join so he decided not to travel. I checked the registration list and could find only 2 names in the list from 2004 batch, Malik’s and Mine.

I decided to go to Auditorium and wait for Malik there. College had kept snack and water bottles for us, I decided not to touch them since I had late breakfast.

Around 2PM, they announced function is starting, please come to a different Auditorium. When I was going to different Auditorium, met CMC Sir. He hasn’t changed a single bit, looks the same. It was even bigger and looked very nice Auditorium. I sat with CMC Sir in front row. Function started with “Surja Ram Ji Meel’s” address. Honestly, I heard him for the first time. Guys, seriously, it was a nice and emotional speech. It gave such a nice feeling. Mahendra Beniwal Sir joined us in front row, greeted him. Sat there for few more minutes and then went to my regular bench, not too front, not too back. 🙂

Cultural programs had started by then and there were some dance performance, some Alumni spoke about their current roles.

I also got a chance to speak and I thanked Beniwal Sir for covering me even when my fibonacci series program was wrong in 1st year final practicals. Thanked CMC Sir for teaching OOPS in just 2 lectures and letting us know, life is very simple. 🙂 I shared many memories there and told staff, they never try to reach to first batch. They informed that they have lost all email IDs of 2004 and 2005 batch so if we could help them. ECE HOD came to me and greeted me. He was happy to see someone from 1st batch. I missed “Poonia Ji”. 😦

Malik came with Ankur Khandelwal after sometime. We chatted for sometime, then asked CMC Sir to show the college. It;s not at all the same college guys, trust me. Where we studied 1st year, is demolished completely. Computer Lab in 1st year is no where to be seen. Canteen is turned into hostel mess. College had given us a coupon for snacks. CMC Sir arranged “Paav Bhaji” and that coupon was still in my pocket till 2 days back. 🙂 College canteen vendor is still the same. (Sorry his name slipped out of my mind)

It was a great feeling to be back in college. College wanted us to stay for dinner since it was Annual day. We decided to go and check if we could meet some more lecturers. Saw Sangeeta Vyas Mam and Archana Saxena Mam, couldn’t meet them. We were afraid, they won’t be able to recognize us. Finally after searching, met Rohit Mukherjee Sir, he also looks the same.

By the evening 6PM, it had started drizzling so we decided to move. All arrangements for annual day were also being changed by then.

Around 6Pm, we came out, feeling happy!!!!

Hope to see more folks next time by the way!!!! 🙂

Why I love Shahpura?

February 14, 2016

Shahpura, A town near Bhilwara in State Rajasthan.

Shahpura is nicely placed in history books for Rajasthan History and in some portions of India History. I won’t be going into details, what you can read in history books so straight away, coming to the point.

Today I am sitting in Bangalore and can very well buy a ticket of movie “3 Idiots” in PVR in 350 bucks. When I was booking tickets for “3 Idiots” few days back, Out of the blue, “Sree Ram Theater” came in my mind.

In Shahpura, a famous movie comes in  “SRT” (Here SRT is not Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar), it must be either Holi, Diwali or Phooldol ka Mela.

When you go and buy a ticket in PVR in 300 bucks, you can get 20 tickets for Balcony in SRT.  Means a large family outing can be planned in the same cost of 1 movie ticket in Bangalore.

Come to next, when you get a Combo of “2 Samosa, 1 large Popcorn and 1 medium Pepsi” in 189 bucks in Bangalore, you can have a large family breakfast in Shahpura at “Madu Baa ki dukan” or “Chenu Kaka ki Dukan”.

In Bangalore you get 2 pieces if Samosas in 40 bucks, you can get around 15 pieces of Samosas for take away at “Madu baa ki Dukan” and I can bet, those 15 Samosas will be much much better in Tatse compared to 2 Samosas in PVR. 🙂

But there is a tread off you have to make, you need to wait atleast 6-12 months to watch a nice movie like “3 Idiots”. Is it worth? You must be asking this question to yourself. Let me try to answer your query.

I guess it’s worth, coz in Shahpura you have Mithun or Govinda taking the screen space  most of the time. There will be only 3-4 new releases every year in Shahpura that also after almost 6-8 months. But the way we wait for these movies in Shahpura can not match the excitement with what I was feeling while waiting for release of  “3  Idiots”, sitting in my office in Bangalore.

I used to visit SRT after every half yearly and yearly exams with all friends which is rare in Bangalore. Now everyone has lot of choice available here, some would like to go for “Avtar” in 3D, some would prefer even to wait for “Ishquiya”, which will release some time later.

But did we have any choice in Shahpura. In fact we never thought of any choice there, It was only we had and we loved every movie with friends. Some people rightly say, “When you don’t have any choice, its easier for you to choose”. 😛

Okay, lets come out of this famous lifeline of Shahpura.

Lets talk about next one, “Bala Ji ki chatri”. Call anyone you know in Shahpura before 11 o’clock in the night and ask him, “where are you?”. 9 out of 10 people are likely to say “Bala Ji Chatri”. 🙂

And the big question you might be having in your mind what might be they doing at “Bala Ji ki Chatri”. The answer you will get is “Nothing”. 🙂

Still you will cherish the moments you might have spent on “Pinku ki Dukan”or “Maru Ji ki Dukan”. My favorite place there was “Library ki Seedhiyan”. Don’t take me any padhaku bacchcha. The only plain reason was behind this plot, those are the only “Seedhiyan” which are most clean. Moreover I doubt you can find any place in or around “Bala Ji ki Chatri” . Many known ones have already booked their seats for this lifetime and no one dares to snatch their claims. 😛

Keeping controversies aside, next place to watch out for in Shahpura is “Khanya Ke Bala Ji”. This a place many young guys and gals like to go on Tuesdays at-least. Some guys and gals prefer Saturdays as well as those days its less crowd on this particular day. There is a round 3 Kms walk from Shahpura bus stand to “Khanya Ke Bala Ji”. Many people prefer to go for a walk towards “PSB College”. Let me remind you “PSB College” is one of the oldest colleges in the whole area.

Had you stayed in Shahpura in at least for a year and have not visited “Talab” in Monsoon season, I will seriously doubt your claim. After every rain, even it has just rained for 5 minutes, Shahpura people run to “Talab” to check how many “Pedi” water has come up to. Some people are considered experts in this analysis and you can grab their knowledge if you stay there for 15 minutes or more. They have all the patient to tell you, how many more “Pedi” water is expected and by what time frame “Chadar chal jayegi”. 🙂

Dare to doubt their knowledge? Don’t try to, they have been there, since ages and  almost 9 out of 10 times they are right.

You need not to take any strain to buy any thing in particular. You have very limited choice as “Birla/Maru General Store”. Again no option, works in your favor. You just need to have your wallet in place and reach either of these shops. Most likely if you don’t get what you want here,  you will not get it anywhere else in Shahpura. So Simple… 🙂

All in all, Shahpura is a great place and we miss it every time we find something to compare with Shahpura.

Your observation is correct again. Shahpura is full of experts.

Protected: World can change in a day?

February 15, 2015

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Protected: A letter !!

May 4, 2009

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A soothing win

April 8, 2009

Hello Everyone, Finally again managed sometime to share some golden moments of my life.  Kudos to Manas for keep motivating and reminding me about my forth-coming blog, now you know whom to kill if you don’t like this post. 😉

Lets go back to my school days.  The legendary Trio is back again Kunal, Vivek and Me. I was in class VIII those days and in Shahpura youth nationals for Volleyball were being held.  No need to say, we were regular attendee there. One fine day Kunal came early to my home and it was around 2PM. The timings for the matches were around 7PM. So we needed to pass around 5 hours. I had got a new “Maxima” watch that day. I showed it to Kunal and he asked me, “Ya water proof hai ki?” (Is it water proof). I said “yes”. Then we started talking something else and played few games of cricket in the house only. Then few games of Cards and Carom followed. By 6:30PM Vivek also came home. And we started planning to leave for Volleyball game.

Suddenly my mom came and asked to finish my dinner first then only I was allowed to go to watch the game. I tried to avoid that early dinner as I was not in mood to have dinner that time and I was getting late as well. But who can argue with mom that also an Indian Mom. So I had to sit and start dinner. I barely ate half chapati that day and left.  🙂

My mom started complaining about this to my dad but as he was also in hurry to go for the match, he didn’t give any ear to the complaint. And then I was allowed to go for the ground. This was a point for Vivek to tease me and he grabbed it with both hands. He started telling to my mom and Kunal, “Jeetu to aadhi roti hi khata hai” (Jeetu (my nickname) eats only half chapati). Kunal and me ignored that time. 😛

As we were leaving I started looking for my watch and it was not at it’s place. I was searching and Kunal asked me, “Khai dhoondh riyo h?”(what are you searching for) and my reply was “watch”. Then Kunal said, “Arrr wa to pani ki tanki m padi h”(Hey, its in the water tank). I was surprised asked him, “”Katri der mu?” (Since how long it’s there?). Kunal’s reply was, “M to ukke baad hi tanki m mel di hi jaddi tu btayo ho ki ya waterproof h” (I had kept it there once you told me it’s water proof) and Kunal’s another reply was quite refreshing for that situation. He said, “M check kar riyo ho ki ya water proof to h n?”(I was checking for it’s water proof claim). Finally we left for the ground.  😀

On our way, Vivek kept on teasing me by saying, “Tu to aadhi roti khave h aur m dahi makkan khaba walo hun” (You are in habit of eating half chapati and I am habitual of having curd and cheese). I have already mentioned that Vivek was basically from UP. We wanted to give him some punch but we simply avoided his commentary that time.  🙂

On the ground, it was man’s UP v/s Kerla. But obvious, Kunal and me was supporting Kerla as we were die hard opponent of a team which was being supported by our dear friend Vivek. In the starting of the game itself, Vivek again declared proudly, “Aadhi roti n jeet ske h dahi makkan mu”(Half chapati can not win from curd and cheese).

In the beginning itself it started looking like a close encounter. In the first set Kerla was trailing with 11-15. UP comfortably managed the first set and  Kunal and me felt bit sad as Vivek had again started his “Aadhi Roti” theory. We wanted to kick Vivek from that place but we didn’t as we had some faith in Kerla team. In the second set Kerla came back in the game with 15-13. We had some relief now. Vivek had stopped his “Aadhi Roti” theory for a time being. Our relief was not going to stay there for long, in the third set, Kerla lost it with 17-15. It was just a matter of one set for UP then. We tried our best to show our cool but only we know how difficult it was getting as we were thinking about that “Aadhi Roti” theory only. 😉

Next two sets Kerla won by 17-15 and 15-13. It was like a great relief for us. Kunal started dancing on the ground shouting again and again, “Aadhi roti jeet gi, Dahi makkan haar giyo”(Half chapati won and curd, cheese lost the game). I was also behind Kunal and shouting like anything.  😀

Since then, Vivek has not dared to think of his “Aadhi Roti” theory again. But yes, I keep on reminding him about this. 😛

Rajeev Ji’s First Day in School

February 26, 2009

Finally, I am back to my favorite activity. Thanks to a strict project deadline and a well deserved break from office, I was able to stay away from my office desktop and laptop. 🙂

Now its time to go back deep down the memory lane again. I hardly remember when I met my childhood friends first time. Not sure if they remember either. As with most of friends who are my schoolmates as well, I met for the first time, when I was 3 years old. Even today, I am not sharp enough to remember all these details.

My first school was NVN. That time NVN was the best private school in Shahpura. Now a these days, its quite far from the city and last time I heard, only 100 odd students are there. I feel bad for this. 😦 NVN has given many gems to Shahpura and my batch is proudly one of them. 😉

In Shahpura, no one needs any introduction as everyone is aware of each other in a way or two. Its a famous phrase in Shahpura, “If you do anything wrong, your complaint will reach your home before you can reach your home.” So it was really very tough to get away with the mischives you might have planned to do. Still we were among few, who were good in it. I have already told you, only few times my complaints had reached home, I was able to settle them outside most of the times.

This incident is of my class 8th days. We used to go to play football in the lunch hour and used to skip even our tiffins for this. In section 8th”A”, I had some of my friends as Satish, Tinku, Kunal, Vivek, Abhishek, etc. We used to get company of 8th “B” friends also for the game like Deepak, Yogesh, etc. As I have already mentioned in my previous blog, Vivek was double of my size then. He was our class monitor so he was no doubt most active guy.

One day we got late somehow during lunch hour, I guess some discussion was going on about the strike we were planning those days. I will let you know about that famous strike in next blogs. 🙂

We were short of time, that we knew but how much short no one was aware, as it was not in fashion to carry watch with you those days. 😀 So we were heading towards football ground speculating about the remaining time. I think, I don’t need to mention the names of the players again.

A young man was passing by us and Vivek shouted “Bhai Saab (Dingal version of Sahab), Time kya hua?” (Brother, whats the time?). That young man looked at Vivek and replied, “Main tumko bhai sahab dikhta hun kya?”(Do I look like a brother to you?). As everyone knows among us, you can not shout at Vivek, Vivek replied, “Aur nhi to maaad (Dingal version of Master) shahab khun kya?”. Everyone started laughing at Vivek’s quick reply. That young man also left without telling us the time towards staff room. And we didn’t bother at all.

Next day morning, It was our first lecture and there was no sign of any teacher in our class. Ours was a government school and we had very actice guys in our class. I can never term them mischievous. 😛

The same young man entered into the class. Our class had two doors and he had entered from the back gate. He went up to the black board. After few minutes everything settled down and he wrote his name on the black board. His name is “Rajeev Suwalka”. He asked one of to read that out and we did.

Then he announced, he would be our class teacher for this year and he would take science subject. Everyone who knew about the last morning’s incident turned and had a look a Vivek’s face and everyone might have seen tensions on his face. 🙂

Rajeev Ji asked one question to check the caliber of  our class and I still remember the question was, “Which one is the 20th element in the periodic table?”. Believe me, I don’t know the answer now. But that time, I only knew that 20th element of the whole periodic table. The question was circulated to one after another. Vivek also stood up and could not give the answer. After 2-3 guys, my turn came and I answered it correctly. I was happy with this.

Then Rajeev Ji asked me to give a tight slap to everyone who could not answer. I just looked at Vivek and I felt very happy inside. As this was the turn to take all the revenge. I went to Vivek and gathered all my energy and gave Vivek the hardest slap of my lifetime. I am sure, you might have heard that slap from a decent distance. Few drops rolled out of Vivek’s eyes but as he could not have said anything to me, he turned to Rajeev Ji and said, “Sir aaj tak mere gaalon pe kisi ne hath nhi lgaya.” (Sir, so far no one has touched my chicks.). And Rajeev Ji’s quick reply was, “Ye mote mote gaal kiske liye bacha ke rkh rkhen hain fir?”(For whom, you have spared these plump chicks then?).

After this, everyone was laughinga nd rolling on the floor. Somehow this laughter saved me that day from Vivek’s trashing. 😀

Still, I keep on reminding Vivek about this “mote mote gaal” episode. And we both laugh at it. But yes, vivek starts abusing Gutiya (Rajeev Ji’s nickname given by him coz of his short height) the same moment. But yes, for me it was a memorable day. 🙂

Escaped with a Warning :)

October 17, 2008

Can anyone get enough of Poonia Ji. At least I can not get enough of him any time. Still this time I am trying to move away from my favorite topic and going down the memory lane of my school days. Indeed those were the golden days of my life 🙂 .

I was in class 11th that time and had tution of Physics from Bankat Singh Ji. Those who don’t know about Bankat Singh Ji, he is a lecturer of Physics in Shahpura boys school and very nice to students who have Maths background but for he comes very hard to Bio background students as history of my school was, Bio background students were never good in Physics at least. Although Vivek will not agree to this even today 😛 .

Our tution timings were 6-7 AM. no doubt, we were the first batch for the tutions to Bankat Singh Ji. Bankat Singh Ji used to come in the room chewing Tobacco and used to take pages without telling anything to anyone as his mouth was full of tobacco and used to write one page and used to go to spit it outside. Used to return back and then only he might have explained his “Gandhi” handwriting 🙂 .

Bankat Singh Ji were irritated with Vivek for some time being and it was reflecting in his behavior also but he didn’t tell this to anyone that time. I was the most loved one for Bankat Singh Ji as out of 8 students in that tution batch I was the only guy who was having Maths background so I used to help him during derivations and numerical . I guess he was junior to my dad in school and I had family terms with him, that was also a reason of this fondness.

One fine day, Bankat Singh Ji came in the room chewing Tobacco, got the papers, wrote one page, went out to spit and came back and started explaining whatever he had written. He gave two formula that day. these were of Sin2(theta) and Cos2(theta). For me, it was a daily routine thing but for other guys it was a task to remember. Instantly Bankat Singh Ji asked Vivek the formula of Cos2(theta) and as usual Vivek was not looking in to the paper for quite sometime. Vivek Started,

“Sir, Cooo, Nhi Sinnnn, nhi Coooooooooo nhi Sinnnnn”

Till then Bankat Singh Ji had lost his cool and he gave a “tapli”(pat) on Vivek’s head and shouted “Bevcoof, UP me jake daku ban ja”(Idiot, go to UP and become a dacoit there). Again Bankat Singh Ji started with the derivation and Vivek had a glimpse of me. I was smiling that time and Vivek must have thought what his fate was going to be. After all he is my childhood friend and he knows me very well.

After 40 minutes or so, our tutions got over and we came out. I was still smiling at that dialog. I started,

“Yaar Vivek, ideao to acchcho h, UP m jarr daku ban jaba ko, thara dada ji k paas to bandook bhi h aur thann khaii krno bhi koinn, kori bandook dikha dije aur peesya to aaglo apne aap hi de deii”(Dear Vivek, its indeed a good idea to go and become a dacoit in UP, your grand pa is also having a rifle (as per Vivek’s claim) and even you dont need to work any hard for this, just show the rifle and the other guy will handover you his money very easily). Here I need to clarify this, Vivek basically belongs to UP but he was born and brought up in Rajasthan. So He was as good as me in Rajasthani.

Ohhhh, how easy is Rajasthani, it hardly takes time to write in Rajasthani 🙂 .

This dialog did wonders to me and few tears rolled out from Vivek’s eyes. Ohhhh, I can’t tell you, it was like a dream come to me. I have already told you, Vivek was double of my size so physically I could not have created this scene for me by any other way. 🙂 He whispered something and I was almost dead “M mara papa n kheun” (I will tell to my dad). I had already face burnt of his dad many times in past and I felt like someone has stolen ground from my feet. Still I collected my strength somehow and whispered “Khunn Ki?”(Aboiut whom?)

And Vivek’s reply did wonders to me, He said,”Sir Ki”(About Sir). I again started smiling and relied “Haan, khe dije aur agar uncle ji n maane to mann bhi bula leeje” (yup, tell about him and if uncle doesn’t agrre then call me, I will do it for you). I thought at least I a out of it now 🙂 .

In the evening when I returned from play ground. I overheard some conversation taking place between Papa and someone in the drawing room. I got my ears closer to the room and tried to hear what was the discussion about. Ohhh, it was a conversation taking place between Papa and none other then Bankat Singh Ji. I flew away from the spot and returned only after making sure that Bankat Singh Ji had left. Papa called me and briefed me about the complaint he had received about me from Bankat Singh Ji. The zest was like Bankat Singh Ji that “Bhai Sahab, Aaj Mishra ji ghar aaye the, main to ek baar bhi bolta hun Vivek ko kuch uske baad Jitu uski khat khadi kar deta hai” (bro, Mishra Ji (Vivek’s dad) came to my lace, I just say Vivek something only once and then Jitu(Obviously its my nickname 😛 ) pulls Vivek’s legs). Papa told me that he had given full authority to Bankat Singh Ji to deal with me. I was bit terrified still i asked Papa if Bankat Singh ji were angry that moment and Papa told me that Bankat Singh Ji were laughing that time. I smiled again and got away with little bit warning from Papa.

Next day we were again in the same room. Everyone knew what had happened with me last evening so everyone was silent. Bankat Singh Ji entered in to the room chewing Tobacco and took the pages, wrote one page, went out to spit Tobacco and started to rolling his eyes from right to left saying, “Aaj ke baad koi bhi Vivek ko kuch nhi kahega, koi bhi nhi, koiiiiii bhi nhiiiiiiiii”(Today onwards no one will say anything to Vivek, no one, do you understand?, No one…..). I used to sit just left to him so I was the the last person his eyes were stuck to. He was looking in to my eyes and I was looking at the papers lying on the table as if I was not there. There was a silence in the room for few seconds after this declaration. I broke the silence with a whisper,”Aap bhi nhi?”(Even not you?).

Bankat Singh Ji relied,”Nahi Main to kah skta hun, hai na Vivek?”(No I can say to him, right Vivek?) and Vivek replied to it as “nhi”(NO). Just after this everyone started laughing. I observed some smile on the Bankat Singh Ji’s face and he also started laughing. Believe me, I was the last person who laughed that day.

After this incident, Bakat Singh Ji used to pass a dialog for Vivek and used to signal me, This signal was a full liberty for me to pull Vivek’s legs. the situation got worse for Vivek after that complaint. 😀 And I enjoyed this liberty for 2 years at its max. I will collect few more tution incidents in coming blogs 😛 .

But that was my only complaint which reached my home in these many years. After that incident I used to settle scores outside home only. But I agree, I was on the verge of getting a nice thrashing by Papa for that complaint. It was my good luck that I escaped. By the way, I need to declare it again “Shahpura ke log aaj bhi meri sharafat ki kasamen khate hain”(Shahapura people still swear upon my sincerity). Although Yajju and Shresth has something else to say against this claim. 😉

Fever yet not over.. ;)

October 3, 2008

Hi friends, again I am not able to resist the temptation about writing on my favorite topic, As my Poonia fever is increasing day by day. I also feel the same thing is happening with rest of my batch mates. 😉 The way comments are pouring for the blog shows, how much we miss Poonia Ji. 🙂

I got some comments from those over phone or mails, who doesn’t know Poonia Ji and asked me what was so special about Poonia Ji. Then here is some brief about his personality. The best part of Poonia Ji classes were, starting of each statement with “Matlab jo hai ki….” (The meaning of all this is as….) and after few moments he would come to his pet line “Next class me kya padhaya tha….”(What did I teach you in my next class…) 😀 I am still finding a way to attend classes in future and come back and tell him what he might be teaching in his next class. 😀 At least I am not Harry Potter so that I may find some magic to do this. If Ms. J K Rowling can manage to do this in Harry Potter’s next series then probably I may mange this. 😛 Always a Pooniatic smile used to stick on his face and if you were at recieveing end then imagin how would you feel. He can irritate you with his usual tactics very easily. Most of the words uttered by him might have some other meaning. Now here comes the truth, you might attend a whole lecture without knowing that he is teaching “Tau” (Symbol of Torque) then “Toe” and Laplace Transform then Laplace Transformer. 😛

Our labs were full of entertainment those days. If you have Poonia Ji in the lab then you dont need to any way to create fun. One day we switched on CRO and started our experiment, I don’t remember the name of the experiment though. Shresth and Uttam struggled very hard to get the kit going but I guess there was some problem with the kit. We were not able to get anything on CRO so Shresth went to Poonia Ji and asked if he can come and see whats wrong with the kit.

Shresth : “Sir, Dekhiye, koi reading hi nhi aa rhi hai” (Sir, Can you look in to kit, there is no reading)

Poonia Ji (Of course, with his usual Pooniatic Smile) : “CRO ghuma iss traf”(Rotate CRO in my direction)

Uttam did it for Shresth, I am sure he might not have seen anything on CRO with that angle.

Poonia Ji : “Trace kar le” (Trace it)

Shresth : “Sir, straight line hai, usko kya trace krun?”(Sir, it’s a straight line, what to trace in it)

Poonia Ji :”Trace kar le” (Trace it)

Shresth kept on requesting him them it was a straight line and we got it when we switched on CRO. Still, it was of no use to Mr. Poonia and finally we had to trace that straight line. 😀 Ohhhhh, I need to confess this, I traced that straight line without putting butter paper on CRO. It was drawn by hands only and to my surprise Poonia Ji checked it as well. 😀

One day, we were struggling with FM experiment. We were supposed to recieve signals at reciever side but we were not able to get any such signals. As usual Shresth went to him and asked if he can help us. Poonia Ji came and connected both transmitter and reciever antennas and asked Shresth, “Le ho gya” (Now its getting signals properly). Shresth kept on repaeting the same thing for at least 5 times, “Sir aise nhi krna tha” (Sir, we were not supposed to do this way) but how that poor chap could have changed Poonia Ji’s decisions. 😀 Finally we had to take the same readings and we asked Poonia Ji to check that expriment and he checked as well. 😀 Now please somebody tell Poonia Ji that experminet was for FM and after connecting both antennas there was no fun in doing that experiment. 😉

Hey did tell you, Mr. Poonia is author of so many technical books. Shocking!!!!!! But not for me and my batch mates at least. 😉 I know the reality how those books were written. 😛 In fact I am sure even Poonia Ji can not name correctly the books he has written. Those books are excellent efforts of my few batch mates. Now I am going to be politically correct and I am not going to name those hard working “bhakats” (followers) of Poonia Ji. 😀 If by any chance you come across those books then don’t mind if you find word to word similarity with some other famous or unfamous technical book. 😀 Poonia Ji asked everyone of us to read those books if you want to pass the exams for engineering, GATE, IES etc. I am still looking for any student who cleared any of these exams with the help of these superb books. I was at least the one, who could not afford any excellent book authored by Poonia Ji. 😀

I came across such a book once, One junior Mahesh Nyati came to me with a book authored by Poonia Ji. I forgot the name of that book. He was very tensed as Poonia Ji had already declared that the mid term exam will be containing the questions from his book only. But that poor chap was not getting anything from that book. So he was looking for my help. By god’s grace as I opened the book, I got few solved examples for my help. I tried to see if I could be of any help to Nyati. The data was given and immidately after the data, there was a solution of the problem. I looked at the data again and again came to the solution. I read it thrice still the result was the same. There was only data and solution. He even didn’t bother to give the problem. 😀 Imagine you are having a problem with data and solution then what will happen to you in the mid term exam. I started rolling on the floor and Nyati kept on asking me what had happened to me. I could only tell him if your exam would have these examples as questions in the exam then there will be 100% result in the exams. No one will fail in the exams. Isn’t it an innovative and novel idea. 😀 I would like my those hardworking “bhakats” batch mates to do proof reading once more at least. I don’t know how many million students will be reading those books right now. But I laughed a lot that day for sure.

In our junior batch, some started telling everyone that “Poonia Ji car me bhi helmet laga ke aate hain” (Poonia Ji wear helmet even if he is driving car) and rest believed this for months, although it was a rumor and they were spreading it for fun only, but think once, people still believed it and this shows how convincingly Poonia Ji had created his Pooniatic image among us. 😀

Still many more incidents about Poonia Ji are remaining to be narreted now I want you guys also to contribute something in comments. 😉 Day by day this Poonia fever is increasing at my end, what about you guys? 😉